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Film & VHS Transfer

Transfer Technology
Your film will be digitally transferred using a FlashScan HD machine which is the newest technology in film scanning. We will also enhance brightness, contrast and color.


We clean all 8mm and Super 8mm movie film to assure you get the clearest possible picture.​

If you have three or more 50-foot reels, they will be spliced onto 200 or 400-foot reels. Each reel will be labeled, indicating which 50-foot reels have been spliced into it. Empty reels, with writing on them, will be returned.

​Background Music
We will add background Hi-Fi Dolby digital music to the entire length of the transfer, if desired. This can be from our library of family-oriented, easy listening music or you can provide your own CD/digital copy to bring your movies to life. 

​Custom DVD Imprint
The same Opening Title that you choose will be custom printed on the face of your DVD and comes in a deluxe storage case.

​Thumbnail Menu & Chapter Points
A visual "thumbnail" menu at the beginning, showing a picture of the first frame of each 3-minute chapter point.

Can be picked up or dropped off at 200 Old Church Road, North Wales, PA 19454

8mm, Super 8 or 16mm Film Transfer

Please click once on each type of Film Reel.  You will have an option to adjust the quantity during the Checkout process.

VHS Transfer

Blank DVD

Your transfer will be onto a DVD-R.

Chapter Points

Chapter points will be placed approximately every 3 minutes and will enable you to immediately advance or return to specific points in your DVD.​