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"Tim has been my computer guru for many years. He also designed my website and the graphic which goes with it.  He is a pleasure to work with, and remains unflappable in the face of all kinds of technical challenges that would have me throwing my computer out the window.  I've recommended him to many friends, and all have been pleased.  He brings a relaxed, friendly, patient, "I can figure this out" attitude to situations that feel like major crises to us.  Highly recommended."​

Janet M, Chestnut Hill

"I would definitely recommend Tim Tirend/iHlep computer services! Tim was able to retrieve thousands of irreplaceable picture and music files from an external hard drive that had been in an unfortunate accident involving liquid.
His prompt communication and reassurance that things INDEED would work out, and the fact that THEY DID, and QUICKLY, too, were all major bonuses. 
If any further issues arise I would immediate contact this guy, he is a top shelf, 5 star tech person!"

Heidi E, Glenside


"Tim from iHelp came to my home and knew exactly the set up of my system, the problems, and fixed them.  Despite the protection I bought with the computer, I will not let their overseas techs lay a hand on it again.  Tim also followed up with courtesy calls, answered more questions and offered advice.  I would trust him in my home again and with my computer."

Kate S, Philadelphia

iHelp Computer Services have been assisting us since the early 1990's with our iMac and iPhone issues. In addition to trouble shooting and recommending new add-ons, we've experienced consistently great service & instruction from this A+ company. Highly recommend!

Lee L, Whitemarsh

Tim did a great job of wiping my old iMac's hard drive, cleaning everything up and installing a new (much newer :-D ) OS and applications. He was fast and professional, and his rates were very reasonable -- highly recommended!

Eileen K, Oreland

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